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A tv-series and short feature based on the concept and music by jazz quartet Oddjob.

Written and directed by Adam Marko-Nord.

Produced by Adam Marko-Nord & Sara Waldestam

Curiosity and Control

A feature documentary produced for K-Special / Swedish Television

and the Swedish Film Institute.

Written and directed by Albin Biblom.

Produced by Adam Marko-Nord & Sara Waldestam

See more about the film here


Animated tv-series for UR / SVT.

Directed by Adam Marko-Nord & Henrietta Nyvagn.
Animation by Alphaville.
Illustration by Henrietta Nyvagn
Written by Janne Vierth

Watch the episodes here

Svenska Dagbladet

Tv-series for major newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, developed

and produced by Alphaville in 2015.

Neuraths Toppmöte saw journalist Carolina Neurath meet

high end profiles from the business and politics sector for

in-depth conversations. Guests included Magdalena Andersson, Petter Stordalen and Klarna founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski.

The series was sponsored by Volva Cars and was the first series distributed by Svenska Dagbladet.

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